Like many small business we’ve been hit relatively hard by Covid-19. When you’re in the event business, social distancing obviously goes against your core business. I’ll be honest, in March when the governor placed a 10 person limit on gatherings we were pretty devastated. Everyday more and more events started canceling. Within one week we lost over half of the rentals for the entire year. The year was shaping up to be a disaster and so much was unpredictable. Without any sales we were unsure what would happen next. Should we lay everyone off…should we try to stick it out? Shortly after the shut down we did get a little bit of relief. Due to the coronavirus many hospitals and businesses were in need of emergency tents. Though not anywhere near our usually sales for the year, we were able to continue though without any layoffs. It was also nice knowing our tents were out there keeping hospital staff and business safe and providing some protection. At this point we got together as a team and decided we weren’t going to let this year become a waste. We could have easily sat back and just waited until next year. This became an opportunity to prepare for the future. We’ve started focusing on building our marketing, including a new website, reorganizing our warehouse and general planning and preparation to grow once Covid-19 is over. While we have picked back up in business slightly, this year we will still see a huge drop in our sales. However, we are prepared and excited about what the future has in store for us. We hope you like our new website and we’re excited to make your event one to remember.


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